Taj Mahal…… Little needs to be said about this architectural wonder which is always the soul raison-de-etre for every tourist's visit to Agra. Built by Shah Jahan, the Taj is a white marble memorial to his beautiful wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument took 22 years to be completed and was designed and planned by Persian architect Ustad Isa. Apart from it's stunning design balance and perfect symmetry, the Taj is also noted particularly for its elegant domes, intricately carved screens and some of the best inlay work ever seen.

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India , is home to majestic mountain ranges and pristine lakes and mighty rives virgin beaches and lush green forests. The food is as diverse as its weather and art as diverse as its cultures. From the jaw-dropping snowbound regions of the north to the bright and cheerful backwaters in the south, from the sandy deserts in the west to the beautiful beaches in the east, India is breathtakingly beautiful and delightfully cheerful! Come and visit once!!!!!

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Hindu Beliefs, Rituals, Religion and Spirituality | Combination of All | Indian Travel

This Worship is Called RURDA ABHISHEKAM which is Performed for Lord Shiva and this is very auspicious to start it on First Monday of Monsoon Season as one can see the Pandit Brahmins are Chanting Mantras to Shiva and Suddenly this Snake Appears as he is Part of Lord Shiva as per the Epic Story of Shiva..


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